The Cafe

Chips €4.00
Sausages & Chips €6.50
Goujons & Chips €6.50
Panini & Chips €7.00
Pizza (12 inch) €16.00
Special Offer Two 12 inch pizzas plus chips €34.00  (6-8 kids portions)

Tea €2.80 (inc herbal)
Coffee €3.50
Hot chocolate €3.00 (Child) / €3.50 (Adult)
Soft Drink €3.00 (500ml bottle)
Water €2.50
Capri-Sun / Ribena €2.00
Cakes individually priced

We have vending machines on site, and an ice-cream shop.

Our staff will be happy to assist you on the day with ordering. If you are ordering for a group / party, please place your order upon arrival.

The Cafe will close 30 minutes prior to the time slot's closing time.

Fort Lucan cannot guarantee that our food is nut free as it may be produced in an environment that contains nuts or nut products. A full allergy guide is available at our cafe to help you with your food choices.

Gluten information - The chips are cooked in a separate fryer to sausages and gujons therefore they are gluten free, although there is a small risk of cross contamination. Gluten free Keogh's crisps, and ice pop's are sold in the cafe. Any and all allergens may be present in our food, as we have a small kitchen therefore cannot guarantee that an allergen is not present.

You may bring your own sweets and food / drinks but we don’t allow pizza / chips etc from other companies to be brought into Fort Lucan.