Helter Skelter

Standing at 15 metres tall, the Helter Skelter is even taller than our water slides. It's one of our top attractions here at Fort Lucan so you best not miss it! Just check out our video to get a full feel of the ride!

Please read through our points below, it's pretty much all you need to know!

  • Adults are not allowed to use the Helter Skelter!
  • Children must be over 1.25m to ride the slide - that's about 4' 1" tall
  • On busy days, there can be big queues for this attraction so please be patient as it's one of our top attractions
  • Unfortunately, due to health & safety reasons, the Helter Skelter must close when there is rain
  • Children must wear long sleeves and trousers when going on the Helter Skelter.
  • The Helter Skelter will close 15 minutes prior to the time slot's closing time.