Type in the following Sat Nav co-ordinates: N 53° 22′ 20.6″ W 6° 26′ 41.5″ or get directions on the location page

Children should wear tracksuits and long-sleeved tops with runners. If there is rain, please wear a coat as Fort Lucan is all outdoors! Flip flops, Crocs, Sandles, high heels etc are not suitable!

No, for health and safety reasons you cannot bring dogs into Fort Lucan

We recommend you stay in Fort Lucan for between 2 and 3 hours

We have a cafe serving sausage and chips or chicken nuggets and chips for €5.50. We also sell sandwiches,pizza, cakes, cookies, tea, coffee etc.

The Raging River, Waterfall and Crazy Golf have height restrictions of 1meter. Smaller children can use the Raging River and Crazy Golf if accompanied by a responsible adult

Yes you can have your party in Fort Lucan. Entry costs can be found on our rates and times page. Fort Lucan can supply a room for your Birthday Party for an hour, on the hour, FREE of charge! Fort Lucan can supply sausage and chips or chicken nuggets and chips for €5.50 per child. Most people bring the children an hour before the party time. Let them play for an hour, then have the party and then let them back out to play again. The room is free but must be booked in advance. You may bring your own sweets and food into the Party Room but we don’t allow pizza etc from other companies to be brought into Fort Lucan

No, Fort Lucan is a children’s playgroup and with the exception of the Raging River and Crazy Golf cannot be used by adults

Fort Lucan stays open in most weathers. However if the rain is torrential or it is very cold/windy or wet we must close for safety reasons. This does not happen very often. If you are concerned, please call 01-6280166. If we are closed there will be a message left on this phone

In Fort Lucan we do not tolerate aggression, bullying, physical or verbal abuse to children, adults or staff. Anyone who attempts to ruin another person’s day out in Fort Lucan will be asked to leave immediately

You are on a boat but you will get splashed and some people get soaked. Bring a change of clothes with you!

No, Fort Lucan is not a crèche and cannot be responsible for unaccompanied children.

Attractions may be closed from time to time because of weather or for maintaince.

No. But on exceptionally hot summer days we can get very busy. In this case we operate a one car in, one car out policy in the Carpark.